SDO Certified  (WBE)

Current Catalog

There is a “search” feature to assist in locating an exact item within seconds. To utilize this function, hold down the [CTRL] key and press the “F” key. A window will display, and there you enter the item number or a partial item number (4 to 5 characters works best). Text, such as “padlock” or “assembly” can also be entered for a search. If this is a stock item at Stone & Berg it will display and be highlighted after pressing “enter” , “next”, or the appropriate icon.

We work hard to keep this catalog as error free as possible. If you encounter an error, please let us know, and we will address it with the next release.

Our plan is to produce a new CD every Quarter in order to stay current with the continuous flow of price changes. For further assistance with any feature, please call us!